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Many law firms are set up to handle simple cases efficiently and effectively. But when they encounter unexpected twists and turns and a simple case becomes complex, they must enlist the assistance of another law firm. Often, that other law firm is Goldsmith & Guymon.

We take pride in being the law firm that other lawyers turn to in complex disputes. Our attorneys know how to assemble cases based on skillful management of the facts and effective legal strategies. When we take a case, we do not have to enlist the assistance of other law firms. We handle cases from start to finish toward a positive resolution, no matter how simple or complex the case may be.

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Probate Litigation in Las Vegas

Disputes during the probate process are not uncommon. Will contests, trust contests, rejected creditor claims and other issues arise frequently during the administration of an estate.

Resolving these disputes requires a thorough knowledge of the probate system. Probate litigation is not handled in the traditional manner – it is generally handled in front of a commissioner, not a judge. However, you have a right to have a judge hear most matters.

There are also other important differences. For example, will disputes can be resolved in front of a jury, while trust disputes cannot. You need an attorney who understands the nuances of the probate system. You will find that attorney at the law firm of Goldsmith and Guymon.

Guardianship Litigation

In many cases, the establishment of a guardianship is a straight-forward process. However, disputes can arise over whether a ward actually needs a guardian or whether the petitioner is fit to be the guardian. Disputes can also arise when there are allegations of abuse, neglect, exploitation or theft both before the establishment of the guardianship and afterward.

In many states, adults are subject to conservatorships. In Nevada, both conservatorships (asset management) and guardianships (personal matters) are referred to as guardianships.

Like probate disputes, guardianship disputes are handled differently than other legal matters. They are generally resolved in front of a commissioner, not a judge. The matter can be reviewed by a judge after the commissioner makes his or her written recommendation.

Many complex issues can arise that are unique to guardianship litigation. Litigation experience in other disputes does not necessarily prepare an attorney to handle this type of litigation. Our experienced Las Vegas guardianship lawyers have relevant experience that may be crucial to helping you resolve a difficult family situation.

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